Saturday, April 27, 2013

Well, after more than a month of waiting, I finally got the words I've been waiting so long to hear. "Your bike has arrived". This coming week I will be riding my new R1200GSW. This process has been a bit painful due to the first dealer that I committed to buy the bike from. STAY AWAY FROM "KISSELL MOTORSPORTS" of  State Collage, Pennsylvania!!!!! This has to be hands down the most unscrupulous dealer I have ever seen. After this dealer contracted to sell me a bike and take my other bike in trade. After waiting a month for delivery, this "Dealer" waited until the bike I bought was practically in his showroom to tell me he no longer wanted my bike in trade and returned my $2000.00 deposit with no explanation.  He was extremely disrespectful on the phone and would not explain why he no longer wanted my business. It seems to me that with these bikes in such high demand, he had another buyer with a better deal. Rest assured that the Federal Trade Commission will be hearing from me regarding this dealer as well as the treatment from BMW. Enough said.... lets go riding!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The decision has been made. Soon to be in a driveway near me! The new water cooled BMW R1200GS.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vero, Vonchi, Mito, Nato
(Veronica, Myriam, Guillermo, Luis)

As January 1, 2013 approaches, and I head to Toronto, Canada to begin my trip to Chile, my friends in Chile are already waiting for me to arrive. Some motorcycle trips have been planned although I'm not sure yet where we will be going. One thing for sure is that Guillermo (Mito) will be meeting me at the airport in Santiago on January 2nd. to start the party.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Show Has Begun

"AirVenture 2012" has officially opened it's gates, and for the next seven days will exhibit just about anything you can imagine relating to aviation. Visitors from every continent, with the exception of Antartica, visit this air show. The best place to be at 3:00pm is to be seated down along the flight line to watch the daily air show. Monday afternoon you can "Fly Like An Eagle" at a free concert put on by the "Steve Miller Band". There are also many "War Bird" and this year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of one of the planes that started it all, the Piper Cub. There will be many examples of this little airplane on hand.  OK, I have to try to squeeze it all in in just a week so I better get going! Check back for updates.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camp Scholler, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Well, I made it to Oshkosh, Wisconsin early Saturday morning. After registering at the airport campground I found a spot to set up camp right next to the WiFi building, so I don't even have to leave the trailer to get connected. That's convenient! The weather has so far been very good, some clouds but mostly sunny with a steady breeze to keep the heat down. The show starts officially Monday morning, and the place is filling up fast. There are hordes of recreational vehicles of all types streaming in constantly. This has to be the largest campground in the world for the next week.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Annual Trip To AirVenture, Oshosh, Wisconsin


My camping accommodations before (above)
And my new accommodations (below)

Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be leaving on my annual motorcycle trip to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The difference this year is that the motorcycle trip will be made in a Ford F-250 Super Duty and not on my BMW K1200LT. Late last year I came across a deal on a 24 ft. Tag-A-Long travel trailer, so I bought it. I had been thinking about buying an RV to take to Oshkosh for quite some time, so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it. No more having to worry about the weather and a little more room as well.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Off to Toronto bright and early tomorrow morning to start the long trip to Chile for two months.
Go to HERE for all updates.

Monday, July 18, 2011

EAA AirVenture 2011 Next Week

Early this coming Saturday I will be hitching the camper trailer to the bike and heading though Canada to the upper peninsula of Michigan, then over the Mackinac Bridge down to Green Bay and finally to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. EAA AirVenture is the worlds largest celebration of general aviation. Play the video below to see what it's all about.

Stay tuned here for updates from EAA AirVenture 2011!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Update From Sunny Chile

Lago Llanquihue and Volcan Osorno

Things are warm and sunny here in Chile, and much has been going on. If you've missed any of the action, you can always see what's happening in the land of warm and sunny at my South American Moto Adventures site. Just click on this link: C'mon in, the water's fine!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cruise Is Off... for me at least

Looks like the cruise has gone down with the ship! Turns out there are no single rooms on board the Cruise Ship, so unless I want to pay twice the price, I've decided not to go on the cruise. I will instead meet the group on their return and ride the Argentina portion of the trip with them. Sharon and I are planning to do this cruise together next year instead!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cuise To The Glaciers

Mountains and Ice

Looks like there's room at the bar!

The vessel "Mare Australis"

I recently found out that the trip to the southern ice fields of Chile includes a five day cruise.
January 21, 2011 will be the departure date for nine of us to leave Santiago, Chile and ride south to the town of Castro on the big island of Chiloe in southern Chile. There, the group will board the cruise ship "Mare Australis" for a five day cruise to the southern ice fields of Chile, specifically Laguna San Rafael. The equivilant of an Alaskan inside passage cruise. Upon returning to Castro we will again mount our bikes and head over the Andes Mountains into Argentina to the resort city of San Carlos de Bariloche. Although I've made that trip many times, the beauty of that ride always impresses me. After leaving Bariloche, we will ride north to the city of Mendoza before returning to Santiago once again. This should be quite the trip!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chile's Southern Ice Fields

At the invitation of my friend Guillermo, from Chile, I have accepted an invitation to join him and a group of his friends on a ride to the southern ice fields of Chile. This is an area of fjords, lakes and glaciers in some of the most remote reaches of southern Chile. Some of the most impressive scenery in the world can be found there.

I will arrive in Chile on January 4th, and the trip south will begin January 20th and last until the 31st. The days before we head south will be busy ones, as I will have to renew the registration of my motorcycle as well as have it inspected this year. I also want to put “Crash Bars” on the bike to avoid repeating the damage to the engine that occurred last year in the Atacama Desert. I also have to repair the right side luggage box that was damaged in last year’s incident. I have all the necessary repair parts that I will be taking to Chile with me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jack Roush's Jet Crashes At AirVenture

(Photo: Jon Whittle)

Probe Underway in Roush AirVenture Crash

The NTSB has scarcely begun its investigation of Tuesday evening's crash at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. According to EAA, NASCAR team leader Jack Roush, 68, was returning to Oshkosh after flying his P-51 Mustang back to Willow Run, Michigan. He had performed in the Mustang at the afternoon air show. At about 6:15 pm CDT, Roush and a passenger were on approach for Runway 18 at Wittman Regional Airfield in his Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A. The twin-engine jet landed hard and skidded off the runway into the grass, spun around and broke in two. Though the engines continued to run for some time, there was no fire. Roush emerged with a bloodied face, was transported to a local hospital and was listed as in critical but stable condition. His company's website reports that he is expected to make a full recovery. His passenger, Brenda Strickland, 61, was also hospitalized with minor injuries, and then released. At his previously scheduled press conference, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt responded to a question about the crash. He said the NTSB is currently conducting its investigation. He said he expects video of the accident to be available for investigators, but added, "At this point, I know what all of you know."

More details, as well as a video taken before Mr. Roush exited the plane, after the crash, can be seen here:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Chicago Concert

Never fails!

The one and only "Chicago"

Looks great for 75 years old

Everything had wings!

Yesterday’s Chicago concert was fantastic. For as long as that band has been around, it still has not lost that unmistakable Chicago sound. The band played all their old songs as well as some new. The band has plans to play in Australia, South America as well as other location in the near future.
Mr. Edsel Ford of the Ford Motor Company, one of the largest sponsors of AirVenture, was on hand to help kick off the concert as well as to unveil the new 2011 Ford Explorer, a car that won’t be seen in showrooms for another six months. The Explorer made a grand entrance by flying in, suspended from a huge helicopter called the Ericson Flying Crane. I must say, I’ve never seen a car arrive quite that way before!
Another wonderful sight was the arrival of a large flight of Douglas DC-3’s that must have covered five miles of sky when they flew over. The DC-3 is celebrating its 75th year, and was credited by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower as “The plane that won WWII”. The DC-3’s here at Oshkosh are some of the few still able to fly. One plane belonging to Buffalo Airlines was on hand, coming all the way from Alaska where the Airline still flies passengers on a daily basis. It is the only regularly scheduled airline in the world still flying the Douglas DC-3.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Elkhart To Oshkosh

As far as the eye can see!

Yes...that is TP!

I left Elkhart, Indiana this morning, well before sun up and made my way to Chicago. I know I swore I would never go through Chicago again, but what can I say? Never say never, I guess. Since it was Sunday morning, getting thru Chicago wasn’t too bad.
As I arrived at the Oshkosh airport, I passed a line of hundreds of campers and motor homes parked on the side of the road. The line was at least a mile long without any exaggeration. Seems that due to all the rain recently, the campground had been closed last night and all those campers were waiting to get in and register at the campground. It looked to me that it would take an entire day to register that many people. Well, since I was already at the main entrance, I stayed there and talked to some of the people that were also waiting. After about an hour and a half wait, the entrance was opened and it was every man for himself. Long story short….I was number four in line 

P.S. The WiFi that ran throughout the campground last year has been removed, so there are only a couple of places to connect to WiFi in the campground. Thus, I will update as often as I can.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Made It To Indiana

Left the house a little later than I had planned because the weather had conspired against me and formed a "Perfect Storm" over the entire route I had planned. I had planned to go through Canada to Michigan, then north to the Mackinac Bridge and on to the upper peninsula of Michigan. I would then head east and south to Green Bay, Wisconsin and then on to Oshkosh. That was the plan, but as we all know, plans change. Looking at the weather radar this morning, it looked as if I could take Route 90 west to Rout 80 and stay just under all the bad weather to the north. This did indeed work out very well. I only encountered a few drops of rain the entire day. It was actually very hot and sunny most of the day.
I decided to quit for the day when I reached Elkhart, Indiana. Now the problem is that a gentleman at the hotel told me that Chicago has been hit by severe flooding today, shutting down some of the area Interstates. Great!! Just what I need. As if driving through Chicago isn't a big enough pain in the butt. I had said I would not drive through Chicago again, but it looks like I will be going through it once more.
Oh well, I will be in Oshkosh tomorrow morning.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"The Worlds Greatest Aviation Celebration"

Experimental Aircraft Association's "AirVenture" starts next Monday, and as I have for more than ten years, I will be riding my K1200LT to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for a week of everything aviation. There's some big things happening this year, like a free outdoor concert on Monday by none other than "Chicago". The largest gathering of
Douglas DC-3 aircraft since WWII, among other events. I will be posting updates here as well as on my Facebook site, so stop back often for updates. (click on the picture above or the word "AirVenture" above to go to a very nice video about AirVenture. Put the cursor over the video then click on the control bar at the bottom to go full screen. That's the way it should be viewed.)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Horizons Unlimited News Letter

The Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travelers news letter for May and June is out. If you are interested in motorcycle adventure riding, then this is something you should read.
May and June News Letter here.
Visit the Horizons Unlimited Web Site here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

In Boston For A Family Reunion

Although I went to North Carolina earlier in the season, this is the first real motorcycle trip this season. I am in Boston at the moment for a family reunion that will be held Saturday, and is the first one in quite a few years. The last reunion was held on Cape Cod at the home of Bob Riley of "This Old House" fame with Bob Villa. Bob Riley is married to one of my cousins and worked for quite a few years on "This Old House" along with Bob Villa. Today I took a ride to see my Grandmother's old house in West Roxbury, a suburb of Boston. As I arrived, I had the good fortune of having Jack (the new owner) out on the front lawn, so I approached him explaining who I was and asked if I might be allowed to photograph the house. Jack right away said “of course” and was even gracious enough to show me through the house and show me all the remodeling he had done. The interior was basically as it was in the time when my Grandmother owned it, although Jack had opened up some walls and made other changes. The house looks very nice, inside and out! All my childhood memories were still in that house!

Monday, April 19, 2010



Touratech Aluminum Cylinder Head Guards for the BMW R1200GS are an expensive aftermarket cylinder head guard that in my opinion are nothing more than an overpriced piece of Aluminum. This past January, while I was riding in the Atacama Desert of South America, my bike went down due to an unseen deep patch of sand in the road. The first thing to go flying off the bike was the Touratech Cylinder Head Guard on the right side of the engine allowing a large stone to puncture the cylinder head cover and allowing all the engine oil to spill out. This is the very thing that this $200.00 guard is supposed to guard against, and it FAILED the very first time leaving me stranded in the desert 50 miles from anything. I would suggest that if you are looking for protection for the cylinders on your R1200GS, you save that $200.00 and put it toward a good set of crash bars, like I plan to do.

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